One ErpNext Instance: 2 different companies w/2 different sales processes?

Is it feasible to use one ErpNext instance for 2 different companies with 2 different sales processes?

For example, a B2B marketing company and a real estate company. There are two very different sales processes and relationships with clients.

As it is now, I use two separate CRM (SuiteCRM at the moment) instances, and separate software for accounting. I’d love to be able to merge two businesses into one ERP instance, since I have a couple employees that perform work for both businesses.

The B2B marketing company has clients with ongoing relationships.

With the real estate business you work with clients until the house closes, and then you’re more or less done with them until they buy/sell another property.

The B2B company might have a sales pipeline such as: Lead > Verified Contact > Opportunity > Proposal > Negotiation > Closed

The real estate company might have a sales pipeline such as: Lead > Client Agreement (agent is working with them to buy a house) > Offer Sent/Received > Under Contract > Closed

I know that ErpNext does allow for maintaining separate charts of accounts for the accounting side, however I don’t see a way to organize 2 different sales pipelines, which looks like it might almost require a completely separate CRM instance…