One time start-up cost in batch BOM creation

We are looking to have a one time startup cost for a workstation or on the BOM itself to indicate a startup cost when manufacturing items. The batch size does not matter, whether it is 1 or 1000 items to be created the startup cost of running the machine is the same.

It doesn’t seem like an operation is appropriate here. Is there a way to add this to the Workstation that is being used by the BOM? It would be important to us for creating production plans to improve efficiency and costing.

I don’t think there is any way of doing it directly. Depending on where are how you plan to use the setup cost you may choose the one of the following approaches:

  • Adding a “Setup Cost” field in the BOM
    • You need to fetch the “Setup Cost” separately (probably divide it by qty) in your transactions of interest.
  • Creating a new Doctype linked to the BOM
    • You may feel like adding more fields to indicate cost at a later stage e.g. target margin, cost of blocking inventory
    • A new doctype can give you the required flexibility while still not causing changes to the BOM

For both of the above, you will need to use a Server Script and client script to get the desired use-case.

Thanks for your reply. This is the route we will explore to solve this discrepancy with our client’s requirements. I will follow-up with any notes we have from the implementation. Maybe a PR if it’s generic.