One time Use Raw Material for manufacture?

hi everyone,

am trying to figure out away maybe exists already but am not aware of to do the following:

i have some customers that send us as a manufacture / packing warehouse their own packaging bags, and we have to fill our products in these bags, how we can add these bags to stock and BOM? we should do new BOM for each one and new stock Item for each item they send us? or there is a workaround?.


I am guessing here more then actually having figured this out. Still I am pretty confident what I say is accurate.

I think there is a basic ‘problem’ with the design of ERPNext which makes this a little tricky:

A Customer can not be a Supplier at the same time (and vice versa). So you probably cannot go through a purchase routine (with a price of 0.-) for these bags and likewise add them as items.

2 workaround scenarios come to mind …

  1. add the same Company which is your customer as a supplier (which is not ideal in terms of accounting maybe) and receive the bags through a delivery.
  2. Just add the bag manually into your warehouse. I think you won’t have any record where you got them from, which might no be ideal as well)

@vrms customer being a supplier would miss maany things consdering taxs and all of that, and it would make a huge deal in the accounting because there would be a purchase order against it even with total 0 would not be acceptable…

i think you mean by the second workaround to make a manual stock entry?

yes, I mean a manual stock entry

@vrms thanks for you help, but still have one more matter…

but how about BOM? should we also add new ones each time?

[quote=“ramielian, post:5, topic:11122”]
but how about BOM? should we also add new ones each time?
[/quote]not quite clear what you mean.

I think generally it works like this … you have a BOM for an item you produce (it doesn’t matter really whether you actually manufacture this item or just bundle things you have bought for the logic of a BOM I think).

Let’s say the product is a toy that you source from a Supplier and the bag that you get from your customer. So my guess is your BOM contains 2 items (the toy and the bag) and that’s it. You probably have to go through a complete manufacturing cycle for each order then.

But maybe that’s not exactly what you mean