One to many BOM

I,m manufacturing a book where I have several raw materials for which I have to made one time payment or its a single item but will produce several finished good. I didn’t find any proper documentation about one to many. Here is my example:

Finished good : Example book (500 copy)

BOM 1 : Pre Production

  1. manuscript (Raw material) / 1 time payment
  2. Editing / Editor Cost (Raw meterial) / One time Payment

BOM 2: Production

  1. Printing (Raw material) / 1 time payment
  2. Binding (Raw material) / 1 time payment
  3. Laminating (Raw material) / 1 time payment

How to produce 500 piece of books with this single quantity of items ? Is there any instruction or I will go with regular production order ?

there is no connection between your bom2 and bom1

the input to bom2 should also include the edited manuscript.

are you treating the edited manuscript as an item ?

and are you using the bom2 to find out cost of production of the book or to keep inventory of raw material. note that the manuscript will not be consumed in production - it can be reused. but book production cannot be done without having an edited manuscript.

i cant make out what problem you are trying to solve !


Hi @inventobd,
-If you want ,you can Use Multi-Level BOM functionality
which is available on “Production order” form

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.