OnHand Qty Checking on the fly While inputing Delivery Note

Currently, our selling process starts from Delivery Note. Is it possible to warn immediately against insufficient quantity as soon as the item is entered? If we have 0 pc OnHand, we would like to be warned as soon as the item is selected. If we have 5 pcs OnHand, we would like to be warned when the Qty is set more than 5.

I understand why the system is not doing that now because it allows DN to be a draft. However, in our process, we want all DN to be Submitted as soon as they are created. Therefore, it’s more helpful if we can get warning sooner rather than when Clicking Submit. Even the Submit doesn’t warn all the insufficient items. Instead, it only warns the first insufficient item. So it’s quite a tedious process for us if we have 10 items, and 6 of them are insufficient to sell. We have to go through 6x of Submit Correct iteration until the Submit can be successful on the 7th time.

Can the ERPNext be configured so that we are warned against insufficient item as soon as they are entered?


As soon as Item is selected in Delivery Note, you check it’s Actual Stock in the Warehouse selected. For now, there won’t be any notification. Perhaps you can customize this functionality via custom script.

How hard is it to do the custom script? If it is not too hard, can somebody show me the script?


@nanto_himawan you can find good example for custom scripts Frappe Cloud

If you want others to do it. You can post jobs herehttps://community.erpnext.com/jobs

Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you. :slight_smile: