Online Ordering - Shopping Cart or Online Sales Order Form

I think the Shopping Cart functionality falls short of our needs - the ability to force mandatory fields, etc. - so I was going to use a custom online form using Sales Order and Sales Order Item fields.

There are a few issues with this however:

  1. You cannot specify Link type fields - so how can a customer see a list of valid entry values?

  2. You cannot enter more than one Sales Order Item - too limiting, need multiple.

  3. No validation on fields and other similar issues - I don’t think the functionality has been designed for online ordering :slight_smile:

  4. On save the order seems to disappear - it’s not saved in the database.

Is it possible with Cloud hosted ERPNext to setup our own web front end that writes to the database so we can overcome all the issues above and more that exist with the inbuilt online forms? Ie can you “push” data directly into ERPNext in the cloud via a web front end that we build?


Yeah you should try the REST API - should not be very hard: