Online POS Item Group filter based on POS Profile not working

Just stumble upon an issue in online POS to filter Items based on Item Group defined at POS Profile. I was trying to define Item Group at POS Profile and then login to that profile user and reload online POS to see only filtered product based on item groups at POS Profile.

For me it’s not working. Does anyone faced similar issue in online POS?

@rohit_w Could you please confirm this? Any updates in this regard?

I do have the same issue (for a while, POS can’t be used because some products wouldn’t even load in the list if I manually select a product group). Issue reported here: Issue with POS - Won't load items from Item Group selected in POS Profile · Issue #11452 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub



@jparikh Were you able to solve this issue?

@bardbq Not yet.

Offline POS is working!

Fix is on the way: