Online stores as a supplier

I’m trying to figure out how to enter a website as a supplier to purchase an item. ex: I want to buy an item on ebay, taobao, aliexpress, etc… ex:

How would I store this on erpnext so that when I create a purchase request or order my purchaser knows that they need to go to that website to purchase the item? should I create a supplier called taobao? or perhaps the information of this supplier on taobao? where would I put the address of the item to purchase? when can I see the website address as a purchaser?

can someone help describe a flow this would work?


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@Nathan, take a look in the image

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Thanks for your response. I added that information as suggested but it doesn’t actually help me in my purchasing process. When I create a purchase order there is no way that information is given to me. There’s no report, or email or print out that shows that information to do the ordering.

Any other suggestion? The only thing I can think of is to put it in the description.

@Nathan add a custom field on the Item, somewhere on the top.

@rmehta, @Nathan, you need add a Custom Field in the Purchase Order Item, and add to a custom script based on the change of the supplier, to fetch the URL for each item from the item record