Only Administrator allowed to create Query / Script Reports

Only Administrator allowed to create Query / Script Reports

Online accounts cannot, edit, duplicate or create new Query / Script Reports?

yes that is correct

@ccfiel - It is a little frustrating dealing with some of differences between the two versions of ERPNext, hosted as service vs self-hosted.

The reports either do not function as they should, due to permissions requirements of the end-user, and or the end-user may want something a little different than the standard fare.

Is there a reason for the restriction?

Reports are the only “simple” method available to the user that I can see to export data back out of ERPNext.

Table exports do not work.


This kind of restriction also happens with modifying the item document. On a template item, it warns you that template attributes will be copied to variants unless “do not copy” is specified, but you cannot do that on the hosted version, so any change to template, overwrites the variant…

@brianl I think the reason of doing that is in online account hosted by erpnext is if they allow you to run script report you can create a not optimized query that could compromise there server.

There has to be another way for an end-user to either create or modify reports, or it makes the collection of related data close to useless ITRW.

You can modify other reports except script report

You can modify the other reports but not the script report

@ccfiel I cannot modify the query reports…and the “report builder” reports only give you data from the single source table.

@ccfiel It is a common issue, I have sales users, some are independent outside agents. They have to be locked-down. Permission are set to restrict leads to a territory.

But when the user runs the “standard” lead details report … the permissions restriction fails, leads from all territories appear in the report.

So either the report simply does not work as expected, or a more specific sql report defining the territory and assigned to specific user is only solution, not…

@brianl yes you are correct every thing that allow to create a custom sql its not possible in cloud erpnext for the same reason I gave it will compromise the server performance if someone construct a bad sql commands. I suggest you can spin a virtual machine in digitalocean and install erpnext so that you can have a full control.


How about fixing the reports so they behave as they should?

I no longer want to play with the self-hosted version, it breaks too easily on the upgrade process, and recovery is not always possible for somebody lacking the expertise.

I thought the point of the hosted service was to show the “best” side of ERPNext.

Obviously there is a problem with the way user permissions function within the report queries. The Lead details report should not show all territories to a user restricted to a specific territory. If the permission structure works in general, shouldn’t it work on the report as well.

It seems the only recourse is to not allow the sales user access to the report, but then how does the user create a list of his/her contacts, they cannot, so for one minor issue, the whole is rendered useless.

If you are going to restrict subscription users to a set of generic reports that cannot be modified, you should at least make sure they they function properly.

@brianl I am not one of the core developer you have to contact them. You are a paid customer in there cloud base erpnext you have a support privilege please take advantage of that.

I am not paid yet, just started the trial…

Doesn’t look good for timely response though, I just found the same reported issue, still open since since Aug 22 2015.

Owner Based Permission can be by-passed via report #3931

I am facing this same issue and it’s 2018! Any update on this?

I am facing this same issue and it’s Aug 2020! Any update on this?