Only get access to frappe Desk but not ErpNext

Hi I just want to bring up some test system and did

git clone bench-repo
cd bench-repo
git checkout v5.x
pip3 install .
cd ..
bench init erpnext
bench new-site erpnext
bench start

All runs fine and show no errors but when logging in:

I only get the 3 step wizard from Frappe but cannot find anywhere the ERPNEXT app.

Same when trying latest bitnami .ova image on local machine.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for stroking me in right direction


Hi @TomFreudenberg,

Can you apply the command?

bench get-app [app-name] [app-link]

bench --site [site-name] install-app [app-name]

More installation detail for check it.

Thank You!

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You need to install erpnext on site “erpnext”

bench get-app erpnext
bench --site erpnext install-app erpnext

Hope this helps.

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So many thanks - so easy - but had confusing documentation until now

It works, I will write down a short text how to install on PROXMOX Container - so maybe helpful for others as well.

Thanks for your help guys @NCP @avc

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Hello, just installed a Proxmox VE and want to install ERPNext in a container, do you mind sharing your process of doing this?

You can take a look at this.

If you want to do something different you can prob look at the container file and make your own