Only show Task assigned to Employee


im trying to figure out how i can set permission for employees when the login that the only see the tasks assigned to them not all other tasks?
Right now if a employee login he sees all tasks not just his.

any help would be great!

1.Go to “User Permission manager”.
2.Select User i.e employee
3.Select Doc type as “task” and select Respective Task
4. Add a User Restriction. (you can Restrict Multiple Task to employee)

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd


I did that but it still shows all the other tasks?

Hallo, in this moment, i know, that in the new ERPnext Version 8.x i can assign a task to more than one employee.

But now i also have the same question, how to set up, that a emplyee only can see the tasks and to dos, which are assigned to him.
in the role manager i have the rights for “task” - but either he cannot access the task because of insufficient right, or he can see all tasks.
thanks for help.