Only tasks assigned to employee

Hallo, i am working an the setup, that empolyee only can see the tasks and to dos, which are assigned to him.

In the role manager i have the rights for “task” - but either he cannot access the task because of insufficient right, or he can see all tasks. I dind not find out, what to setup.
My goal is to have this on a role i created, because if another user should work in thios way, i just want to give him this role.

thanks for help.

Perhaps you can try adding user restrictions in the User permission manager.

hope this helps.

Hallo, thanks - but sorry, i did not see a result. I tried some ideas, but it does not work.

So really, is there not a way to setup the right and role, so that a user (is needed to be an employee? or not?)
only can see tasks which are assigned to him?


Hi @quintact

Trust you’re doing well. I believe To Do already functions as per your requirement. Users only see To Dos allocated to them (using the Allocated To field)

For Tasks, I’d suggest you add a Custom Field. You can name it Allocated To (or something similar). It should be a Link field with ‘User’ as option

In ‘Role Permissions Manager’ you can then give permission for Employee Role to Read/Write/etc Tasks and check the ‘Apply User Permissions’ box. Click on ‘Select Document Types’ and select the option that shows the name of the new Link field you created (i.e. Allocated To)

Finally, make sure that you set individual user permissions for doctype ‘User’ in the ‘User Permissions Manager’

That should do the trick


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Hallo, thanks for your trick,
So i used it, and i can make my choice to take the employee.

And i set up the custom-field-details … and added it in the standard filter.
As result, i can see the filter-field with the word “allocated to” inside.
What i would like, would be,that on click a pull-down flies out with first results. actually thothing happens and i have to know, which digits i have to type, to get a result.

Inside task, i can click and see the list of users, to take one - the name is stored in die field now. That is perfect.

Any more suggestions?

Hi @quintact

Could you please explain a bit more? Where are you experiencing issues?

Kind regards,

Shure, first, it is a solution to have the filter-field with the text “allocated to” inside.
But i need to know, what i am searching for - the name. and sometimes it could be difficult, to remember that.

It would be perfect, to have a pull down functionality, like “status” …
maybe in one of the next versions of erpnext?

@quintact i am having similar issue - i want user to see ONLY tasks that are (1) Created by him/her or (2) Assigned to him/her. Currently all users can see all tasks :joy: (ERPNext - v12)

Hi, i am out - not working on ERPnext. Sorry.

Frank Ehlert


@quintact thanks
Hi all anyone on this ?

Go to role permission then select project user then task only if creator select

If you are doing above process then user can see create only.

Dear @mohsininspire thanks for the suggestion what you said is doable BUT along with this I want the users to be able to see “assigned to them” tasks. So in nutshell, they should be able to only (1) created by them and (2) assigend to them and NOTHING else. Could you please help :pray::pray::pray:

how to show in List Employee name on the place of TASK-001-001

Has anyone found a solution?