Only Template Website Items can be added to Cart

I have 4 items for which I have “website items” configured, and for E-Commerce settings I have enabled the Shopping Cart. I do not have “Enable Checkout” and do have “Save Quotation as Draft”. I also have “hide variants” selected.

However, my Web Users can see all the products… but there is ONLY an “Add to Cart” button on the Templates … but NOT on regular products.

The products with Templates allow the web user to select the various variants using the drop downs and then “Add to Cart”. From there, they can edit the quantity and then either “Continue Shopping” or “Request Quote”. This works great!

On Regular products (which are not part of a template and do not contain variants) the product is viewable, but there is NO “Add to Cart” button!!

I’ve done a side-by-side comparison of the Template and the Non-Template items… both for the Item DocType and the Website Item DocType. Except for the variant differences… they seem to be configured exactly the same.

Any ideas why the Non-Template items are not able to be added to the cart?

Thanks in advance!

PS: If I disable “Hide Variants”, then I can also directly select a variant from the Webpage… however these do not have “Add to Cart” either… Only the Template items have an “Add to Cart”.

According to the shopping cart documentation, the behavior is different for items with and without variants. However, it’s not working as described as the documentation says that items without variants will have an “Add to Cart” button.

I went ahead and created a bug for this in github.