Open Day June 2016

Dear all,

Our presentations for June 2016


  • Rushabh worked on improving website structure, editable grids, error messages and domain-wise ERPNext demo scripting

  • Faris, our latest member of the Frappe team, worked on the mobile app UI

  • Anand worked on Bench Central, our cloud deployment software (You can read about it here : Deployment for Everyone)

  • Valmik worked on automated weekly VM builds for ERPNext and contributed to Bench Central

  • Shreyas tuned and tested playbooks for Bench Central on multiple environments

  • Rishabh (intern) worked on automatic backup functionality in Bench Central

  • Neil added a Student Enrolment Tool in ERPNext Schools and designed the LMS along with Shubham

  • Shubham (intern) worked on Learning Management System i.e ERPNext Schools Portal

  • Nabin worked on most wanted feature i.e ERPNext Payment Entry, to make account entries simpler

  • Rohit worked on Timesheet, Timesheet based invoicing and Salary Slip enhancements

  • Saurabh worked on Nested Warehousing, Common Tree View and fixed Shopify issues

  • Deepshi (intern) worked on ERPNext Support bot by implementing machine learning using a neural network

  • Kanchan worked on cleaning up ERPNext V7 and Shopping cart enhancements

  • Umair worked on V7 ERPNext and ERPNext Schools testing, also he trained the ERPNext Support Bot

  • Arundhati, Prakash, and Umair as a team have extended ERPNext live support by six hours



Congrats to everybody for the hard work and for making such awesome products!