Open Day May 2016 : What the Frappe Team was upto in May


  • Kanchan improved UI for the Blog and Shopping Cart
  • Nabin worked on the Chart of Accounts portal, and revamped graphs for ERPNext.
  • Rohit worked on Offline POS and Time Based Payroll
  • Rushabh worked on domainifying and optimizing ERPNext. He also visited some of our clients to gain some insight.
  • Saurabh worked on Razorpay Integration, and cheque printing for ERPNext
  • Shreyas worked on the setup script for setting up Frappe and ERPNext, he also worked on Bench Central.
  • Umair was finally able to take a minute of breath as we had the lowest number of support tickets in the past year.
  • Valmik worked on some Bench commands and Bench Central

We have four new faces at Frappe of which three are interns. We’re running out of space!

  • Arundhati, our newest team member, is working on customer support
  • Deepshi is working on learning about AI and making an ERPNext Support Bot (Sorry Umair)
  • Rishabh is working on Bench Central’s Backup feature
  • Shubham is working with Neil to make portals for ERPNext Schools

Find full presentations here : Open Day May 2016


Nice work!

Is there any way to have a preview on bench central?

Thank you very much!

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Great work Team. Keep it up :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your effort.

How i can use Bench Central and where i can find it?


We’re still working on it :slight_smile:

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Thanks ERPNext team. You are awesome :slight_smile:

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