Open (Doc) Support Ticket from external KB app via URL

Hi All,

I’m now using a knowledge base software that automatic generate an url with “support ticket ID”. I wanna integrate this url to ERP by Open new “Support Ticket” page with the ID from this url, the ID will be filled into a Field in “support ticket”.

If this ID already exist in “Support Ticket”, ERP will open the “Support Ticket” document for that ID with all related information created before, if the ID is not exist in ERP, the blank form with required information will be input by users.

I’m newbie to this ERP but really love it and TEAM.

Please guide me how to integrate this. I tried to do Customize Form with Link and Dynamic Link but may be it is still far from expectation.

Please kindly advice with many thanks.


Use the new KB app as a base line

You can extend Support Ticket by adding a button “Make KB Article” that will make a new Help Article.

Thanks much rmehta,

But our KB using now have some specific features that we still need. So, anyway to open up new Support Ticket page with external url (with Dynamic Link?, new Connector Module,…?

I tried some way but, please kindly advise the possible step or direction that we need to do to integrate this.


From what I understand you have to do this in your KB app.

Sorry this is not very clear.

Sorry for any unclear of my expectation.

The simple things are below process:

  1. an URL generated from my application send to Browser, and open new Document in ERP, Support Ticket, URL included an Ticket Number, for example http://erpnext/desk#Form/Support%20Ticket/New%20Support%20Ticket%201%ID=123456

  2. In ERP, New Support Ticket Document will be opened with the Field (custom field) contain above ID (123456)

  3. All the information related to this ID=123456 will be fetched from DB and display accordingly like Customer, Contact, Issue,…

I really need your support on number 2, how to get this ID from url filled to ERP Document (Field).

Thanks much.

You will have to write a client script to load the ID from the hash in


Also the user must be logged in!

Thanks rmehta much, give me have a try.