Open Frappe form from external website

I am new to Frappe. I have a requirement for integrating Frappe into my website. The website is developed using some other technology and not using Frappe. In that website, I want to add a button/link that will execute a JavaScript to open a Frappe Form (for a specific DocType) by passing the necessary query filters.

Please let me know how to achieve this?

Create a custom doctype : My Script Runner
And add custom script:

frappe.ui.form.on("My Script Runner", {
  refresh(frm) {
    const url = window.location.href;
    const index = url.indexOf("#");
    const hash = url.substring(index + 1);

    const params = hash.split("?").pop();
    const urlSearchParams = new URLSearchParams(params);

    if (
      hash &&
      params &&
      urlSearchParams.get("customer") &&
      urlSearchParams.get("fromDate") &&
    ) {
      frappe.set_route("query-report", "General Ledger", {
        party_type: "Customer",
        party: urlSearchParams.get("customer"),
        from_date: urlSearchParams.get("fromDate"),
        to_date: urlSearchParams.get("toDate"),

Now visit{customer_name}&fromDate=2020-10-01&toDate=2020-11-01

This will load GL Report. Change script as per need, use frappe router.

This will work on cloud in desk with hash routing. Upto v12.

rebrand-ui onwards change the routes accordingly.

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Thanks for a prompt response. I will try it out.