Open Notification Overload

I’ve noticed a significant number of what are effectively duplicate notifications, often based on the same document.

For example:

Every purchase order is from a supplier, and they often have contacts applied to them. As well, there might be a purchase invoice associated with that purchase order. This means that every purchase order could have 4 open notifications. This is the same for supplier quotations and RFQs.

Given that, I’m wondering if there’s much value in these notifications. They aren’t user specific (you don’t have to be assigned to it to see it, though the ToDo tasks are), and you’re basically guaranteed to have 20+ if your company is doing any type of purchasing.

I think it might be more useful to have them better tuned to actionable issues. For example, Purchase Order comes up only for drafts (no reason to trigger them on To Receive or To Bill because those aren’t actionable on your side).

I’m curious to know how people use these and what could be done to make them more functional (right now I ignore it because it’s constantly got things in it).


@Ben_Cornwell_Mott I agree, we could redesign notifications.

No company is going to be 100% on top of issues. Maybe remove the “Drafts” from notifications?

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I agree with @Ben_Cornwell_Mott, there has to be a better way of managing notifications.

@rmehta A selection setting for user, on what he would like to be notified can be one of the best way of making notification feature more useful.

Consider a use case of a director of the company,who may have access to all roles, but instead of getting notifications for all the pending tasks from all roles, he may only want to see overdue bill or any one or two things most important to him.

But by that time if user can see actual number instead of 20+, will be helpful. Many times new notifications which requires urgent attention (eg. a Chat buzz from senior) is missed as the total number never changes.


Hi! Any new for this? I don’t find it possible to activate or deactivate notifications.


Hi @Ben_Cornwell_Mott, I consult you if this you placed it as issue already or I could arm it myself.


Totally agree to your point of removing “Drafts” from notification.
This will be the easiest for ERPnext team until we completely rework the notifications.

This is exactly what we have been hearing from our client.

Good suggestion.