Open Source: Free as in Baby

Here is an interesting article on Open Source that was trending on HN:

“I think of someone releasing open source software as a gift to the world, not as claiming a responsibility to maintain it for you. Some projects do claim that responsibility, but it’s not automatically conferred just because someone released a project on GitHub. I think much more of the responsibility falls on the person using it. It’s your code that will be using it, your code that will need to be upgraded, and your code that will break.”

I guess it goes for all downstream projects right upto the OS and Compiler. Maybe all of us should take some responsibility in the community (any community!) or maybe make a small monetary donation from time to time.



better we have a donation button? in erpnext/frappe site. just my to cents :slight_smile:


[quote=“rmehta, post:1, topic:16058”]
or maybe make a small monetary donation from time to time.

What about adding donation Button on ERPNext & Frappe website and in ERPNext Desk link?
Adding ERPNext link in sending email/pdf as mandatory so it work as marketing part.
Adding licensing in ERPNext, if some one buy paid license, then remove advertising link and give option to customize ERPNext Desk/Menu/Theme.


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I like the donation button but I think adding licensing in ERPNext will deviate the essence of open source mantra :slight_smile:

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Just waiting for the final approvals of the foundation to come through!

Donation button on the site sounds good but please not in the software. If one is gunning for serious adoption of ERPNext then I think this is at odds with planting donate buttons everywhere. Just my opinion though.


totally agree with @ccfiel that this should be more enabled (for example by a “donate” button right on top of this forum (as suggested before).

It’s one thing to mention donations from time to time and another to a practically enable them. I don’t recall to ever having seen your paypal or account number … so even if someone would be intrigued now to donate, that person would have to find out how to do that on top of actually pulling out the money first

I think it’s not by coincidence that online marketeers have big big BUY HERE !, or ORDER NOW ! -buttons all over the place … they have those because THEY WORK !!!.

And I don’t think there is anything gained by being shy in this regards

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