Open Source JS Gantt: Frappé Gantt

Hi ERPNext Community,

We are excited to announce that Frappé Gantt is now an Open Source JS Library. It was born in the need of an open, simple and modern gantt chart for ERPNext.

Install it using npm:

npm install frappe-gantt

Check out the website here for usage instructions.

Also, please star the repo, report issues and help us make it awesome. :slight_smile:


Community, please star the repo :slight_smile:

It will help other people find it credible! GitHub - frappe/gantt: Open Source Javascript Gantt


Frappe team you did it again, really awesome tool. the least is to star the repo.

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Awesome! There are really not so many open gantt chart libs out there, and this one seems to be one of the best. I am sure it will get all the stars it deserves.

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Thats the reason we decided to spin it off as a separate component!

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hi, looks great!

can it be use with mysql?

This is a JS library, you would need a simple web-server to relay the data you need from mysql.

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