Open ubuntu server wsl on winscap

hi how are you
can any one help me
how can i develop on frappe on ubunut server wsl subsystem on windows

Hi @Mohannd_shwki:

Follow this guide to install it (WSL2), or update from WSL1.

Install Frappe as detailed here

Your Linux file system will be reachable from Windows as a folder, so VSCode or other editors / IDE can be used directly. After each WSL starting maybe you will need to restart mariadb service (sudo service mariadb restart).

At last, you can configure port forwarding if you need to access to your wsl subsystem from other devices on your network (mobile devices or other requeriments …)

Hope this helps.

thanks i apperciate but i want open the source code how could i
of ERPNext on winscap from ubuntu server not from virtul box ive installed ubunut server from microsoft store


Using WSL you don’t need virtual box or WinSCP anymore, Linux is running “inside” Windows. Folders and files containing source code are visible from your windows system.

Maybe I am missing something :slight_smile:

where can i find it

i have wsl 2 but where can i find the siource code
of erpnext

If you have installed Frappe/ERPNext on your WSL/Ubuntu , from your explorer go to \\wsl.localhost (or My Device / Linux)

i did not find the folder of frappe-bech

Usually under /home/youruser …

i want open the source code on vscode
where, can you have video to see where can i find it

where on ubuntu server or on wundows disktop

Take a look here: