OpenAI - ChatGPT-3.5, Chat GPT-4, Dall-E

Hello everybody.

We have an app that offers the following:

OpenAI integration settings through a simple setup:

OpenAI Saved Prompt Configuration:

OpenAI Tone of Voice:

OpenAI Audience:

As a version one practical application we have a simple Blog workflow.

1st ask the AI to give us blog topic ideas related to a specific subject matter:

Once the fields are completed a user saves and clicks on Get Topic Ideas button:

The blog post topic ideas are listed and you can then select whichever blogs you wish to create and then click on the Get One Shot Blog button:

The system will then create a background job for each blog post idea to create a complete blog article. The completed articles will listed in the standard Blog Post List:

The article is set to unpublished by default. The Top of Form shows the following information which was automatically created by the AI:

The bottom of the blog form shows the rest of the completed blog article complete with Meta Data:

The length of the article and scope of the content is often of good quality. ChatGPT-4 gives even more quality at a slower processing rate, but at a higher cost that the ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo.

Finally if you choose you can create an OpenAI image for a Meta Image and even for insertion into your blog post. Just click on the OpenAI image in the upper menu of the Blog Post:

Once initiated the OpenAI image will make the requests according to your prompt and return options. You can then attach those to the blog post and use according to your own vision.

So - with this outline you can probably make your own integration easily and take from our lead.

The concept was pioneered by, funded by and developed by GreyCube.

My question for you all is - should we release this as an App on the Frappe Marketplace?

If so what is the per user per month fair pricing that you would suggest?


App concept is good but do not think one erpnext developer will pay for it


nice app , maybe put it on market place …

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I would prefer you didn’t.


We don’t think developers need to pay for it, they can make their own, but would users enjoy having the features within the ERP system?

Yes - we are thinking that the app marketplace is a good way to go. We were asking for feedback about a price. Maybe we will do it for free?

What’s the downside?

Looks good. Every app is going to need to have some kinds of integrations with AI.

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