OpenCV module not work in frappe

I have installed openCV module but while importing same from fraape environment it showing error.
ImportError: No module named openCV.

You have to install your module in the Bench Virtual Env

@pdvyas can you help?

Yes, @rmehta is right, you will have to install the opencv module in the bench’s virtual env which is located at frappe-bench/env. From the frappe-bench dir, just run ./env/bin/pip install openCV, run bench frappe --ipython and try to import it in this shell.


I have used command ./env/bin/pip install openCV but it give me following error
Downloading/unpacking openCV
Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement openCV
Cleaning up…
No distributions at all found for openCV
Storing debug log for failure in /home/indictrans/.pip/pip.log

i have successfully installed the openCV out of the frappe environment using command sudo apt-get install python-opencv

Same command i have used in frappe environment but it showing me message
python-opencv is already the newest version

0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 236 not upgraded.
but when i used import opencv

It giving me an error
No module named opencv

inside the bench env, you will not be able to access packages you installed using apt-get.

On searching, I found this, Installation of Opencv, numpy, scipy inside a virtualenv | by Manu Ganji | Medium

any updates ? i m facing the same issue

Can we use open-cv and cv2 on frappe cloud?

while uploding image i am getting this error