Opened github issues that have been closed without fixing that are still real bugs

I opened a couple of Github issues about 6 weeks ago, Emails with inline css show all css · Issue #3011 · frappe/frappe · GitHub and Email parseaddr does not work as expected · Issue #3004 · frappe/frappe · GitHub . One concerns css markup showing inline in the email view which is about 40 lines long so looks very poor to users and other MS markup appearing everywhere but is easy enough to fix it would appear. Likewise I created a bug concerning email parsing with the new Email Inbox where emails with a name with the email that has a comma in it, breaks the parsing and can’t be automatically linked to an existing email address in ERPNext. ie

Robbins, Julian would break this. This way of writing your name is very popular on emails in Europe.

Helpfully, two members of the community proposed pull requests very quickly after this, but there are issues with how the code is written, requirements of test cases and proof that the fixes actually the fix the code properly. I’m not a developer so cannot help with this myself.

But unfortunately both times these well written bug reports have been closed without any further input; I can appreciate and understand why but I’m not able to re-open the bug reports so they just get lost and appear to be either fixed or not real bugs when they very much are.

So two things:-

  1. How can I reopen the bugs ?
  2. How can the community try to handle these type of cases better ?


I think there has been a bunch of “clean up” on the github issues list, not all of which is valid. I’ve had a few of my issues arbitrarily closed and just re-opening them with a comment as to why they are still valid. I think you should be able to click reopen if it’s your issue.

To be honest the bugs being closed predated the community’s involvement with the github issues.

I just can’t see how to reopen them I dont seem to have permission or an obvious button to click

ah … some kind soul has reopened them. Thanks :wink: But how can an initiator reopen a bug as a normal github user, as I cant see how … ?

I could be wrong about that…