Opening Balance for Customer

Hi everyone, I’m try to use erpnext from few days. and I didn’t find any option for inserting customer opening balance or outstanding . Which is the right way to insert it , please suggest me


Noman Haider

Hi @nomanhaider

have you watched this

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Yes , I did it .but searching some easiest way .
Okay let’s I describe which I follow right now. please give me expert suggestion, if there any issue have _

Step 1 - Create all my customer list
Step 2 - Create a new journal entry and select “Debtor” than select one by one “party” name and Debited their outstanding amount . And at the last row I credited “Temporary Opening Accounts”.
Step 3 - I checked the trial balance it’s show like how all suggest me before way .

Just tell me am I right or wrong ? and if I wrong where the problem will be occur ?

I think you are right there
If you have a lot of customer opening balance you can also use .cvs file


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Thanks for your smart suggestion.

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you are welcome :slight_smile: