Opening Invoice Creation Tool Error


i am testing the system before implementing it, i tested the opening invoice creation tool to make sales invoices, however when i click “Make Invoices” i get this error
( Error: Sales Invoice Item Row #1: Value missing for: Warehouse ) i attached a screen shot…

the opening invoice creation tool works fine with the purchase but not sales…

your assistance is highly appreciated


If your asking about the warning message mentioned in your screenshot then it is trying to tell you that item in row 1 does not have a warehouse selected.

If you can select the warehouse and try again. it should work.


I just tried to do the same as urs then it worked fine.
screenshot below:

how can you select a warehouse in the opening invoice creation tool?

Yes there is no warehouse in the row.
Maybe check if you have created the customer correctly.
Try reload on this form and select any other customer to check.

I tried another customer and it is not working… i got the same error



You should search for warehouse in the top bar.
If you do not find then create.

In the item personalisation page you select a warehouse to your item.

Hope this helps.

hi how are you?
i have same problem have been write warehouse data but still getting error
kindly help on that
because for products it is must to have stock in ware house using sales invoice and purchase invoice