Opening Invoice Creation Tool - Item Code required

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Please refer the screenshot below to address the query.
In Invoice Creation Tool, I was able to successfully generate opening outstanding sales invoices. But while generating opening purchase invoices the following error is returned ‘Item code required at row no 1’.

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Seems like you have made the item_code field mandatory in Purchase Invoice. By default, it is not mandatory in the standard product.

Hi Nabin,

Could you please guide where is the item_code field?
Also I have compared both Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoice Form, the mandatory fields/conditions/settings are similar.

The item_code field is inside “Purchase Invoice Item” table. Go to Setup → Customize Form and select “Purchase invoice Item” there and check if the item_code is mandatory.

I have the same problem when creating Opening Invoice for Sales, and check Sales Invoice Item, ITEM CODE is not Mandatory.

Anyone have solutions for this ?

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Thanks for pointing out the required form.
Upon opening the ‘Purchase Invoice Item’, the item_code field is not mandatory. Any other possible solutions for the above problem.

Please refer the screenshot below -

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As a makeshift solution for the above issue, I have created opening purchase invoices throught journal entry route. If anyone comes up with a solution, please do post.


yes, I faced the problem at Sales Invoice Creation, so I use the normal sales invoice creation instead of the sales invoice creation tools.

I’m still facing this issue. Has it been fixed?

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went to Customize Form> Enter Form Type: Sales Invoice> update_stock> Set default to 0.

This fixed the problem