Opening Stock Assets not shown in Trial Balance Openeing Account

When i create a 500/- opening account balance using a JE (with Temporary Opening) and by setting Is Opening = TRUE, it properly shows up in the Trial Balance report.
But when i also added the opening stock balances for the fiscal year using a stock recon, using the Temporary Opening AH. I dont see the same in the Opening Balance column in Trial Balance.

Should it be shown there, am i missing something ? Pls let me know.

Trial Balance Report

Stock Recon for opening balance:

JE for Accounting opening balance.

If you make your stock entry on 31-12-2017 it will show in opening

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Thanks @ushashmi

Oops i didnt know that.
Should i go ahead and change all my stock recons. We have put it in the first day of the fiscal year. We have not used ERPNext in last year, we were using Tally.

If i dont change the date to previous year, will it cause any accounting issues. Pls let me know.

I don’t think it makes any accounting issue

Thanks @ushashmi