Opening Stock entry basic rate with foreign currency

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Could you help how to add basic rate with operation currency rather than home currency in Opening Stock?
For example company home currency is SGD but products and buy and sell in USD, so when opening stock, I want to value with USD.
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This feature is not available for now. The transactions from where opening stock balance is added (Stock Reconciliation and Stock Entry) doesn’t have option for multi-currency, and accepts account in the base currency of the company only. Can you please create a Github Issue for this feature suggestion?

Thank you very much for your prompt reply Mr. Umair.


I want to ask. Does this feature available for now?
Because for the opening stock my client have different rate for each item.
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Still not available in Verion 11, i’m not sure in version 12.
It can be solved by convert with ex rate to local currency, as opening is one time process.

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Thanks you for your information.
I already suggested my client to convert their currency.

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