Opening Stock not updating from stock reconciliation

I will first give the scenario then i will really appreciate it if anyone could help me figure this out. I have added a new item say Item abc. Then i make a stock reconciliation for the same item and i say the opening stock is 100. I then proceed and make a stock entry with the purpose material receipt of quantity let’s 200. When i check the stock balance report the opening qty column shows zero. The in qty now reflects the value i added as opening stock in stock reconciliation. Is there a way i can make the opening qty to reflect the opening stock value from the stock reconciliation? Please help me here?

@Mute makes sure the posting date are in the right sequence.

@rmehta I have just confirmed my posting dates are very much in order. For instance, the posting date for stock reconciliation is earlier than the posting date for stock entry. But still on stock balance the opening qty is still zero.

Anyone to help me out here?