Opening value entry existing Fixed Asset

How to create opening book value for existing Fixed Asset. For example we are starting to use the ERP Next for our company from this year 2017. I have an existing Laptop with current value is SR 3000, bought few years before with SR 4500. I have created Fixed Asset Item for this Laptop with Gross Purchase Amount as 3000. But this value is not shown in the Chart Of Account. So i have try to create a Journal entry type as ‘Open Entry’. And enter the Debit value 3000 for the account ‘Office Equipments’. When save this record, it showing message ‘Total Debit must be equal to Total Credit. The difference is 3000.0.’.
Please advise how to create open journal entry for this case.

Hi @thomasp

Please check below links

Thank you Rohit.
The ERP we were used before, is allowed to enter Opening/Closing without equal Debit and Credit total. However daily journal entry only allowed when Debit and Credit side total is equal.

You can go through the manual for understanding how to import existing fixed assets in the system. It should handle all standard cases.