I think it better to shuffle/Shift the Operation to either Item masters or Production Order as there will be a correct process flow for each item in parallel to the item masters data creation and you can provide this as an option at the item master level itself.

BOM is fine , but there is no such BOM Operation report for each item.

Please correct me if I am wrong.



You can easily create report on BOM master to see operation for each production item.

Hello Umair,.

Thanks for sharing the Sales Reports custtom report.

I think you may have to share the BOM Operation shot once again as it is more on the sales.


Sorry it is custom (Typo mistake).


The video is actually meant to demonstrate the capability of building custom reports from ERPNext. To make a custom report based on BOM, go to:

  • BOM List
  • Report > Report Builder
  • Pick columns
  • Apply filters if any
  • Export report

Hope this helps.