Operation Order in Work Order


Work order sort operation according to operation order in bom.But My product’s bom have sub item which have bom, like bellow image.

So work order sort operation like these.


But I want that assembly is last operation because if item which request for assembly isn’t in stock ,assembly operation can’t start.I mean I want work order to be as bellow .


No one to help?

No one to help?

Hi @alimert801
Can you please explain your problem?
Please note at present the Routing table does not really capture the sequence of operations. Operations feature on BOM is only to load the operating cost of production like Electricity, etc

I mean For example, We want to produce table. For producing table we need legs and plank (flat plate), firstly, we cut legs and secondly we cut plank lastly,we assemble legs and plank. We can’t assemble without legs and plank so Assembly must be after cut. How can I sort assembly after cutting?

I hope I could tell.

No one to help?

Hi @alimert801
Right now work order does not store the order information. You will have to manage it manually on the shop floor.
Right now, the raw materials are issued on start of a work order and transferred to WIP warehouse and upon completion of all the operations, once you click the Finish button on Work Order, Raw materials are deducted and Finished good is Added to the Finished Goods warehouse.

Hi @alimert801

My thoughts, You can force control the operations into sequencing, by defining a new intermediate pre-finished item after each operation. One prefinished item is feed as input to the next operation eventually creating a another new prefinished item with value addition. Process flows until you get the final finished item. In this way current operation cannot start before the mandatory operations that need to be completed before.
Hope this helps.

If I understand you correctly, will I have to create multiple work orders in a certain sequence to reach my final product?

Not required. We require to create multiple job cards which can be done by a single production order. I think, when you you say work order, it is production order.