Opinion: Opportunity is completely unusable in v14

I am really unhappy with the changes made to the Opportunity doctype in ERPNext 14. It is at a point now where it is so complicated and different to the other doctypes, that I just can’t expect my users to put up with it. In addition it has been made impossible to revert those changes, as the customisation does not allow to remove the Tab structure or bring the old timeline back.

There seems to be no other way forward than to create a custom doctype to replace the Opportunity (probably will name it ‘Chance’ or something similar).

To back up this rant with some facts, the following changes/problems are most at fault in my opinion:

  • Replacing the traditional timeline (used in EVERY other doctype but here) with the tab Activities/Comments. The new Tasks & Events sure make sense, but the timeline should have stayed nevertheless. If there is a way to revert this please let me know!
  • Prospect: Why create a new doctype with absolutely no documentation? This should have been a custom app but instead it ended up in the main ERPNext branch and nobody knows what it is!
  • Confusing fields: Why show fields like Organisation, Adress or Contact when a existing Customer is selected? All that data is already there, it makes no sense!

I understand that ERPNext is an open-source solution which will never fit everybody, since it is meant to be tailored to your specific needs. Which is why I am so annoyed that the implemented changes are not made to be customised, but now I have to make a completely custom doctype and redo every single connection to Opportunity (cant even use the same name).