Opportunities by mail

We are using email to log opportunities, quotation etc. A lot of time the same email trail is used by customer for opportunities and quotation. This results in generation of lot of new opportunities for the same opportunities.
I suggest we should use a unique number in the email subject to track the leads, support, quotation etc. If the mail is without a that unique number then it should create a new document. Any subsequent mail from the that document should have that unique number appended to the subject which the users should be advised not to change. Any incoming mail with unique number should get appended to the correct document.




I was going through the forum when I stumbled on an issue. Out of curiosity I opened the manual page that it mentioned -
Linking Emails to Documents.
I found that “2. Automatic Email Linking to a Document” was the exact feature that I was request albeit implemented in a different way. But the key thing is the result is same.

I have pointed it out earlier and will say again, developers at ERPNext do a great job and are implementing features that are needed but somehow they donot advertise them. Features like these not only makes the workflow easier but also can be deal clincher for the service providers.I am glad that they have improved the manual so that the feature can be find the new feature and understand how to use them. But these finds should not be accidental but advertised or talked about in videos.

The only limitation of the feature that I found was the limit of only one email. If we can have it for more than one it will be even better.

Thanks for the awesome work.



Amazing system, amazing features, amazing developers… a bit more advertising of all of the work they put in could help on all sides.