Oppose of ERPNext New Plan and Pricing : Effective from 15th September 2021

Hi all,

We being as Msme units in India surprised to see the drastic change of plans this year as everyone knows this is crucial time period for everyone in the market to sustain and take step forward in the covid scenario. We guess the change in prices are not justified as the support system is never telephonic and always takes time to resolve moreover there has been hike of 26% in the prices which is not at all justified, if it is 3-5% then it will be considerable situation for every customer of Erpnext. Being a good customer of Erpnext i request the management to rethink over the plans pricing once again because i could say this move can pressurise MSME units and other customers to switch over the other best available options as soon as possible.

You can always rent a VPS server from one of the low cost vendors in your vicinity and install ERPNext yourself. Then you do not have to worry about the cost per seat any longer. There are certainly enough local talent to employ on part time basis or as needed basis to take care of any issues you might run into.

Just a thought.

While price increases are part of the economy, the cost increases to the developer team running the servers must also help cover the advancement of the project.

There is no such thing as free beer. That is why the project was developed to easy enough for novices to install and use.

Just my opinion (and yo know what they say about opinions).

As always… Your mileage may vary! :sunglasses:


Are you referring to frappe cloud or erpnext.com ? Frappe cloud may work out better if you do not need user restrictions

Thanks we are using erpnext.com currently. Is it easy to switch over now from erpnext to frappe

We are not using free version of erpnext. We are paying since 4 years but the hike in prices is not justified and i think nobody will accept the hike easily. So managment should think over again the hike.

I think so, you can replace the DB backup online itself to their hosting. You could also seek frappe support help for the same, it may help you save some $$ :slight_smile:

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can we discuss this in personal share your contact details