Option Based On Previous Field

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How can I Display the Option of Select Type Which Depends On Previous Field Value?
For e.g in the Previous Field Value If I Select District Then the Option Of Next Field Taluka Will display Based On It if I select other District Then the Option of the Next Field Taluka Will Display Based On that District. I Tried This Code From Documentation But It doesn’t make any Effect on the web form.
Screenshot from 2022-10-06 11-09-43
is there need To Write Condition in Display Depends On Field??

Using the Link field could have been more easy using

frm.set_query('applicable_on_account', 'accounts', function() {
			return {
				filters: {
					'company': frm.doc.company

simply you can pass the parameter and it would more dynamic and configurable

Doctype custom script is different and web form script is also different.

Web form script example for please check some syntax.

Thank You!

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but i want to display option on web form how can I do this