Option to add on services to admitted patients

Is there a way I can add on services to an admitted patient?

Eg, patient A is admitted in room 1. He is charged the room rent according to the charge defined in healthcare service unit type.

I want to add on a nursing charge which is department wise. Preferably auto, but manually is also acceptable.

Eg, patient A is admitted in room 1, he should be charged the room rent.

Patient A is admitted under medicine department. He is being charged the inpatient doctor fee.

I want to charge him an inpatient nursing fee as well.

Any solutions?

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Bump. Anyone?

You can always add additional Items to the Patient’s invoice.

Nursing Tasks, billing additional consumables against Inpatient etc. are already in the immediate road map. Meanwhile, please raise an issue on GitHub with details of your use case.

Can i Somehow autocharge them per day?

You can configure the IP charges as part of the Healthcare Service Unit tree.

Please refer this documentation -

Thanks for the reply, but this is not what i was looking for.

example, in a hotel room, you have room rent which is charged per day. Apart from this i want to avail an add on service like everyday breakfast which has an additional charge.

in my scenario, the IP charges are the room rent, plus i want to add on nursing charges separately.

current solution i am thinking is that i create a service named nursing charge and add it to the patients sales invoice.


Yes. Currently, you will have to create service items for your extra charges and add them to the Sales Invoice for billing the patient.

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