Option to generate Balance Sheet and Trial Balance Reports on As Of Date

Dear ERPNext Team,

There is a requirement to generate Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports on As Of Date instead of monthly/half yearly/yearly.

Could you please let me what are changes needed to done to achieve this functionality?



Nice Question ! Even I also want to know How this is achieved.

You can run Trial Balance as on any date.

Is it really needed in Balance Sheet / P&L report?

Hi Nabin,

Thank you for your reply.

Both Balance Sheet and Trial Balance are meant for specific date (and time) whereas P&L Report is for specific period.

It would be highly appreciated if this option can be available in these reports.


Yes Mr. Nabin, it is required. Many of customer asking BS and P&L in date range.
thank you.

PL & Balance you can now generate per month basis quarterly yearly and semi annual and I think is good for now :smile:

Yes, I have been searching answer for this question from quite a time. If it is not available but anyone can customize, pls let me know.

We have customized P&L and Balance Sheet From To date so you have have it from 1st Dec to 10 Dec. It is in our POS application

Install the app to get it.