Option to not have reports run automatically till configured

One useful feature Quickbooks has is an option for reports not to run till after they have been filtered/configured. This makes it much more responsive as user does not have to wait for it to show some default time period and values they are not interested in. ERPnext spends a lot of compute time, etc. generating reports that are not what user wants to see at that moment.

Unrelated, the bank reconciliation process is much better in QuickBooks. It facilitates entry of bank charges, interest in 1 screen where transactions are assigned to the period (specific dates are not important unlike ERPnext). Importantly when done saves pdf files with the account as existed at moment of reconciliation with cleared transactions, balances and uncleared transactions that existed in account at that moment. I do not know in ERPnext how we can reconstruct full account status exactly as it was when reconciled.