Optional Holidays in Holiday Calendar

In HR module I can see that there is a way to set up a holiday calendar.
Our company HR policy says that there are 4 fixed Holidays (National holidays) and a few festive holidays (6) which user can choose from a larger list of available optional festive holidays (12) based on their preferences
So basically any employee can only avail 10 holidays in all. 4 dates are fixed and remaining 6 holidays, employees can choose any 6 from an available 12.
I don’t know if such a thing can be set up in ERPNext holiday calendar.
Appreciate if anyone can suggest steps if this is readily available

This is available in Version 11. Which is in develop branch at the moment.

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Any idea on when version 11 will be available as a ‘Release’ version.
Also any suggestions / workarounds to achieve similar function on the current version (v10)

@vshanbha Currently V11 is under testing as it has many changes from V10 hence release date is not yet confirmed.soon you can find the announcement in the forum.

As a work around - we eventually created a new ‘Leave Type’ called Optional Holidays and had the approver manually check a pre-decided list of holidays before approving. It is not ideal but works