Optional Sales Items


i want to ask if its possible to implement easy optional sales items?

regards, daniel

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Can you go into more detail what you mean by optional sale item? Perhaps a use case example?

Hi, what i mean is pretty simple.

In the quotations i want to add items with a flag optional.

When the flag optional is activated, they should be excludet from the total amount and i want a new line on the print with a total includet the optional items.

I hope i could describe it so you know what i mean?

regards and thx

can be done via Customize Form.
I would add the optional items in a separate table. then it doesnt interfere with totals calculation.

Thanks @Daniel_Grammer for requesting this feature, it also makes sense to me and I would love to have it implemented as default in ERPNext.

I agree we could easily implement in with the customize form, but It’s still something that I believe multiple user are facing, therefore it could be in ERPNext itself.


There is a fantastic work in progress about this. See this related PR on Github .
Seems it would be merged soon.

Hope this helps.


Thanks this PR is definitely moving the project in a nice direction. From my understand it adds the possibility to create alternative item but not optional ones. @avc do you see a hack to use it for optional item as well?

I have on the quotation an additional table, optional_items.

Just needs to be added to the print format - as in my usecase there is no need to add it to any of the calculations.

I think actually alternative and optional items are pretty similar concepts.
I mean you could use alternative item as “optional” item


1 LAPTOP HP ------- 500$
1 HP 23" MONITOR - 600$ (OPTIONAL)

TOTAL -------------- 500$

Print format can be used to “paint” the optional mark (as symbol, word …), and sum optional items …

From my understanding there is a slight difference since setting it as you suggest @avc, when the client selects the HP Monitor, it would remove the Laptop instead of just adding the monitor. We would then endup with a total of 600$ instead of 1100$.

@avc any update regarding this post? Or am I misunderstanding how it should be used?

Hi @Charles1:

PR mentioned above is merged. I’ve tried it and it’s working well as intended (alternative).

As far I know, your specific requirement needs customization. You can see something like this on Manufacturing and Item alternative approach …


Hope this helps.

Thanks @avc I will do some customization then :slight_smile:

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