OracleDB for ERPNext

Can ERP Next be run on Oracle Database? I saw the same question raised in 2016 and the answer then was “Not as of now”. So if any changes, and if it can support Oracle DB now, I would be interested. I work in an electric utility company and we would like to develop a billing and collection system integrated with ERPNext, for which the best database is Oracle DB considering that we are currently running Oracle database for other application and also the availability of infrastructure already.

Oracle is not yet supported. Maybe you can sponsor it, or better, use MariaDB or Postgres.

Thanks… but I was confused with the following post which details how to use oracle with ERP Next

So PostgreSQL IS supported, right? The doc only mentions MariaDB. I am considering implementing ERPNext but I need the PostgreSQL backend for the spatial extension PostGIS.

Responses also here Support for PostgreSQL?

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Hello All,

any update regarding Oracle DB Support???


Currently Oracle DB is not supported.


Divyesh Mangroliya