Order_by list Web form

I would like to sort the incidents in the web form by creation date. Then the most recently created incident would go to the top of the list.

I couldn’t find any option to sort the list. Any suggestions?

Here’s the list as it currently stands:

@Talita.Mangolin if I’m not wrong, you can fix the global sorting order of the data inside Customize Form → Sorting Fields, for the issue doctype

Pls refer that documentation Customize Form


Thank you for your reply.

From the desk, the order of the incidents is correct, see print:

but the order is reversed in the client portal (Web Form), which I showed in the print above.

I haven’t found any settings that change the web form list.

Can you show the configuration on the Customize Form?

configuration web form

configuration customize form, this is correct.

Talita.Mangolin, I checked many sources and sincerelly speaking I dont have a clue why in that specific case it’s not ordering!

I verified all the source code of v15, from where the issues are fetched to display, and it should display it ordered by the sort field!

ok, tks fou tour help. =]

I use v14, I’ll update