Order flow for software - do we just skip delivery notes?

We sell both hardware and services/software. We will use delivery notes for hardware orders that are shipped with a carrier.

For orders that are software/service only, what is the expected workflow? After a customer has paid for an order, it is still marked as “To Deliver.”

Does the system expect something to come after that?

You can still make delivery note of non stock items and get is signed from customer to document that software has been delivered. It doesn’t pass any financial entry as it is non Stock item.

We make delivery note for both types. Helps us in future when client asking for free support. Good to inform them that project has been closed and now they need to pay for support.


In Selling Settings, you can set “Delivery Note Required” to No.

For service items, you can directly make the invoice from Sales order.

Hope this helps!


Thanks. After doing that won’t the Sales Order still be listed as “To Be Delivered?”

Should the order just have the status changed to “Closed?”

SO before the change will not close. Manually you can change the status to Closed.

On some system, they have a category for items to be delivered or not. It is same as what the checkbox of “is Sales item” and “is purchase item” works. The checkbox can be included on the section for both purchase and sales details; to access if mandatorily included the for delivery note or purchase receipt. It can also be the triggered for closing of the document since it will add as another work for service industry to closed the documents manually instead of the system closing it already.