Order of Sales Invoices


How can I order my invoices based on their code (number given by naming series).

I was able to order by date, but even so when on the same day there are several invoices they are not consecutive, which is annoying.

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I think you have hit the nail on the head…as per the new v5…we cannot sort the list view as per creation date.

But to get your things right in some what acceptable manner you can goto

Customize Form View → Select Sales Invoice —> Change the Sort by field to posting date or invoice date.

This would sort the invoices by date at which they are posted you can also choose ASC or DESC in order.

I hope you would be able to to do it without the screen as I don’t have a v5 ready at the moment.

Ping @rmehta: See another user asking for sorting lists by creation_date…I think it would be great if standard fields could be added to the customize form view’s sorting fields.

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I did that, but even thought, when on the same day I have several invoices, and maybe I finished one before other one even being the next one in the order, I get thinks like:


Just because I created a basic invoice 3 that I couldn’t finish and submit after some time after I had produced the other invoices.

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I know @pagliaso that your requirement is to arrange invoices like INV-1,2,3,4… and so in series but that was possible in v4 and not in v5 since the sorting field creation is not available.

Basically you would want to sort by the order of creation and not by date…but sorry that’s currently not available in v5 and the solution provided is the closest to your need.

The other thing you could do is make a report and sort it according to ID but not on the list view.

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we need the same feature urgently plz

Thank you Aditya. I didn’t know about the reports.

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