Order Qty for Sales Order Item

As I understand, “Ordered Qty” should display Qty ordered (through purchase order) based on a particular sales order.

This displays correct picture only for “Drop Ship” type items. Because it seems that PO item is directly linked with SO item only in case of “Drop Ship”. In normal course, SO item is linked with MRQ Item. And MRQ item is linked with PO Item. So, in normal case (Non-drop Ship), ordered qty displays zero, evenif it is created on the basis of a SO (Via Material Request route).

There should be ways to link PO with SO in either case (Drop Ship & Non-drop Ship) so that Order Qty should display the value in either case.

Kindly advise.

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Ordered Qty for an item is updated based on Purchase Order, irrespective of its link with Sales Order, and even with Material Request. If item has open Purchase Order, reports shall reflect Ordered Qty for that item.