Ordered Items To Be Delivered not showing correct Delivered qty

I created one sales order of one item A for 10 qty. I made its delivery note in which I inserted two rows with same Item A with 2 and 3 qty respectively. so my total delivered qty should be 5. but when i checked this report Ordered Items To Be Delivered It shows delivered qty 2 against my sales order of 10 qty.
Is anyone facing similar issue can help me what could be an issue.

Deep T

In the row which was inserted manually, Sales Order ID was not updated, that’s the reason the Delivered Qty was not updated in the Sales Order for the second row.

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Thanks @umair for reply. Yes I also noticed that sales Order Id is not present so it didn’t map into report. But if I want to add rows like i did then what could be done? so that it reflect correctly in report.