[Organization] Module Leaders + Public Beta / Sprints

Good proposal, I am not a coder but I can help in project module, HR module and in general functionality test for any module.

I would like to contribute to all modules: mainly testing, improvement ideas based on my experience on SAP and other systems

I would like to contribute to all modules as a tester and feature improvement in the same time i started travel domain in negociation phase with a developer.

Also stronge background in production module.


Obviously we need more leaders,

Do you have to be a coder to lead a team?

I would like to Lead in erpnext.org (foundation site development & fixing documentation)
If some developer want to help in building site, I am happy to collaborate.


Interesting concept, and I think I like it!

So, I am already working with a developer to get my 2nd round of improvements made to the POS module to better support remote/mobile sales reps.

Whom ever decides to lead the POS module group, please contact me thru messaging and I will gladly share what I have in the works and anything else that I can do. I am not a coder or developer. I am an implementer that hires developers to fix stuff and contribute it back. So I will do what I can to be of assistance.


I would like to get involved as a module volunteer.
I could be the most helpful conceptually in warehouse management or aspects pertaining to distribution of products in general.
I can code but have never worked on a big project like this one. I am willing to work on anything where a module leader sees fit.

I’ll volunteer for the agriculture module. I think we’ve been discussing something like this, though maybe not quite this intense.

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This is really a good start. Publicly maintaining a list of leaders/contributors will surely increase the accountability of the community.

I would like to hear @rmehta s opinion, but I don’t think one need to be a developer. Coding is just a small part of the software development. Anyone who is a subject matter expert with some project management expertise can be a good module leader. Most of the responsibilities listed are a 'scrum master’s job in agile development.
I am happy to co-lead either stock/manufacturing or accounting as I have spent some time on those modules now. I am even happy to spend some time to put a structure to software development process so that it becomes easier to contribute remotely.

Perhaps that needs to be re-looked after some time. In software development, we do some kind of retrospective meeting to check what worked/ what needs to be changed once in a month or so. Perhaps there is some merit in doing that once in 2-3 months here. Again, it is difficult to do that in discuss threads, so we need some rudimentary structure to assist those process.

As a coder Industrial Engineer with SAP and Oracle background, I am willing to throw in some support in Manufacturing, Stock, Buying and Selling. With special emphasis on Quality Inspection, Cost Accounting and Batch management.


Instead of replying to this discuss thread, I propose adding your names in this google spreadsheet - ERPNext community organization - Google Sheets or similar one which would be easier to manage and edit.

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Great to hear that, I will be making some wireframes and design for the foundation website soon. Ill share the repo here. As I am not a coder any coding help would be awesome :slight_smile:


I can assist with the accounts module. Can’t provide coding support but tagging, design etc.

Hello everyone
I’m new here, and I hope I can work with you but my coding experience is weak now, I’m still learning the basics, with my work as an accountant.
And i am now trying to learn to work well on the program, and publishing the program and open source culture, as a start in the company I working in, and in the near future in my city in Turkey.
I would like to thank you all for this wonderful work.

Can we summarize what’s going on here? I added my name to the Google Doc for accounts. Can we get going on this? I think at least the modules that have leaders and volunteers can begin their work.

Please count me as well, I am good in SCM Functional, Projects, Manufacturing, CRM, Material (Stock) Modules.
Ruchin Sharma

There are currently two google sheets

  1. Role Description: ERPNext community organization - Google Sheets
  2. Voulnteer List: ERPNext community organization - Google Sheets

to assist this initiative. This is editable by everyone with link(not so good), so I appreciate if everyone adds their name against multiple roles/modules of their interest. The role of ‘Module lead’ is just to organize the project(create team, setup calls, manage other things), so it would be better if there is only one lead for the time being. Of course they can delegate it to someone else in their absence. So it would be better to have the ‘module lead’ from community, rather than Frappe team as it doesn’t really need any coding experience.

Once a module has a lead, they can start building their community team. It is very important to keep all the activities transparent, so I suggest creating a wiki page/spreadsheet for each module activity. That way we can also measure the progress made from this new initiative.

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@kolate_sambhaji I too happy to collaborate in this regard

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Anyone can volunteer for this. Please take it has a serious responsibility with a dedicated few hours a week. I will update the top post with the spreadsheet links!

@spoojary would you like to volunteer to make the groups? Lets release the first list by Friday and update the website… then we can take it forward!


Certainly. If everyone updates the spread sheet, it would be self-driven. We can form the teams by end of this week, and come up with some guidelines/templates for all the teams to start their work from next week.