[Organization] Module Leaders + Public Beta / Sprints

Hello community,

As we grapple with the growing scale and complexity of the project and more and more people willing to step up leadership (in theory) here is a structure we can think of. This will help us break up the project and also replace the public-beta proposal I made earlier:

Appoint a “Module Leader” for each module. For example a module leader for CRM, a module leader for Manufacturing etc.


  1. Create a group of module volunteers (maybe 2-3 other community members)
  2. Make sure all issues related to the module are tagged in GitHub.
  3. Make sure all answers related to the module are answered on discuss
  4. Review module contributions before they are merged.
  5. Organize a monthly online call for the module, for those who want to discuss the plan for the module.
  6. Organize a 3 code sprints in a year
    1. Pick a date. Plan for 3 days for a sprint.
    2. Create a milestone on GitHub (say CRM Sprint Jan 2018). Tag around 20-40 issues
    3. Make sure the issues are well defined and have good reasoning
    4. The sprint can happen virtually as well as in someone’s office. The Frappe Office is always available if you want to do this in Mumbai. It would be great if there is a sprint happens over a meetup. Others can join in virtually
    5. If you want to do this formally, you are free to use the foundation as a platform to raise funds for travel etc.

Time Needed

  1. 1 call per month
  2. 2-3 hours per week for GitHub / Issues and discuss
  3. 2-3 hours per week for contribution reviews
  4. 12 days a year for sprints


  1. We will maintain a public list of all module leaders. This will be great branding for your / your services
  2. Have fun and network with the community!

So this will require 1 day a week of community service. Would be great to know how many are interested in this. If this is not motivating, is there a way we can incentivise this further?

Love to hear your views!


  1. Healthcare: @akurungadam

(please reply to the post so I can add your names!)

Edit 1: So some modules will be smaller (say Projects) and some will be bigger (Accounts), so we can have 2 leaders for large modules like Accounts

Please update these sheets.

Role Description: ERPNext community organization - Google Sheets
Volunteer List: ERPNext community organization - Google Sheets


Sounds good. Is foundation membership required? We volunteer for the Healthcare to collaborate with others active in this domain.


is frappe framework is included in “module” list as well?


You bet!

I think!! :slight_smile:

:+1: :+1:

Sure, but we should break it module wise too… like “Emails”, “bench”, “UI” etc.

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I see …and i agree

@akurungadam thanks for volunteering for this! No not required to be foundation member :slight_smile:


And the Foundation Fellowship will make you and your colleagues a Foundation member anyways!

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as for CRM we will prepare the list development roadmap accordingly.
there has been an “agreement” that people are interested improvement in email as first step of improvement. We are happy to volunteer and extend crm module.


I am not a coder but a CA.I am available for account module


I am also not a coder but a CA. I am available for the PoS and Accounts Modules


I am also willing to help out with CRM module but not a coder so cannot organise sprints. I am happy to help with tagging and replies in the forum (which I have been doing anyway over last few months as far as I can)

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I volunteer for UI :smiley:


I can volunteer or take a lead on accounts module.


I would get involved in School

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can a bit of all work? :grimacing:

@nabinhait: Thank You for leading accounts module. You may count us as a volunteer member for subject matter contribution, testing, and feedback on features from other systems.


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